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The Premium Bond Prize Pot Rises by 50%

NATIONAL SAVINGS Synopsis: The Premium Bond prize rate has jumped, but it is still meagre… It is probably just a coincidence that in the week that the Office of National Statistics announced a record £16.1bn of public sector borrowing for August, National Savings & Investments (NS&I) revealed improved terms for Premium Bonds. We commented in […]

Sudden Loss – Credit Crunch Divorce… Ouch!

Synopsis: A city fund manager is attempting to have his March 2008 divorce settlement re-written because of the collapse in the value of his assets. A report in the Times gives details of a financier, Brian Myerson, who is seeking to overturn the divorce settlement he made in favour of his ex-wife in March 2008. […]

What exactly is Inheritance Tax?

Let’s dispel a myth right here and now. You don’t have to be super rich for your estate to be subject to Inheritance Tax after you die. Currently it’s levied on everything you leave over £312,000 (2008/2009). This includes more than just your home but also the following items which can quickly add up: your […]

Losing interest but what’s the alternative?

With interest rates for savers falling further last week it is only natural that anyone who has previously relied upon interest payments to partially fund their lifestyle or generate growth for future income will now be looking for better returns. And better returns are potentially available through a whole host of product types, including structured […]

The Value of Financial Advice?

Question: I’ve had a poor investment experience to date, from a stockbroker.  I’m looking for a Certified Financial Planner to get me back on track, what’s the real value of independent financial advice? Answer Investors grappling with extreme market turmoil often question the value of financial advice. Perhaps the more pertinent question to ponder is […]