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AIM Investing – does it hit the mark?

A favourite of tax advisers and stockbrokers, but is ‘The Alternative Investment Market (AIM)’ worth the risk for low to medium risk investors? I’m not convinced. Here’s why. 1. What is the AIM? The AIM is a market which provides small and fast growing businesses opportunities to generate capital. Since its launch in 1995, approximately […]

Autumn Statement 2016 – what it means for you

Key questions to ask a financial adviser

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement didn’t contain any major tax or pensions changes that have any immediate impact for you. This means we can plan for the tax year end with confidence and clarity.

By-pass your spouse?

Typically when an individual joins a pension fund, they express their wishes for the pension fund trustees to pay the lump sum death benefit to certain named individuals. More often than not it is the individual’s spouse who is the requested beneficiary of these funds. If the trustees exercise their discretion to transfer the funds […]

To Will or Not to Will

Making a Will is the only way to indicate who you want to benefit from your estate. Failure to take action could compromise the long term financial security of your family. It’s also the cornerstone for inheritance tax and estate planning. Yet previous studies have suggested that as many as a half to two thirds […]