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Deciphering the Code

With the debate over the U.S. government debt, the debt woes in the Eurozone, and talk of a double-dip recession – suddenly fairly complex economic issues are showing up in the mainstream news.  In our own conversations with clients, we recognise that sometimes the lingo used in the financial services and economic world can become […]

Dying Banker’s Last Instructions

There are no one-handed push-ups or headstands on the yoga mat for Gordon Murray anymore. No more playing bridge, either — he jokingly accuses his brain surgeon of robbing him of the gray matter that contained all the bidding strategy. But when Mr. Murray, a former bond salesman for Goldman Sachs who rose to the […]

Knowledge: danger and opportunity

When you step back and look at the investment landscape, it is sometimes helpful to ask yourself if anything really is different this time; to try to determine what has changed. The usual answers point to recent return gyrations: the tech bubble’s spectacular burst ten years ago, the near-death experience of global capitalism in 2008-2009.  […]

Industry luminary slams hedge funds

Posted in Money Box Monday | If something sounds too good to be true… John Paulson, chief of Paulson & Company, has criticised the growing trend on the part of hedge funds suspending redemptions, according to a report in The New York Times. “We think it’s a mistake for managers to use gates and other […]

People Begged to Invest with Him

Reproduced with the kind permission of Dimensional Fund Advisors (United States) A long list of wealthy investors both in the US and abroad have been shocked to learn that Bernard L. Madoff, a prominent and well-respected broker and money manager, has been accused of orchestrating one of the most extensive investment frauds in US history. […]