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Experts, and a One Million Dollar Bet

Financial Predictions

During this week’s global stockmarket volatility, as in 2017, we were again reminded of the importance of following an investment approach based on discipline and diversification vs. prediction and timing. As we leave the new year and venture into 2018, we can look at several examples during 2017 that provide perspective on what guidance investors […]

Investment Promises – Easy to make, difficult to keep

‘ABSOLUTE RETURN’ PROMISES – BUYER BEWARE The combination of short-term market uncertainty, human nature and an immediately attractive sounding moniker for an investment is a marketing man’s dream. The investment industry has been masterful at constructing and selling such products, not least ‘absolute return’ products, which employ active management strategies that seek to deliver positive […]

Patience Pays Off

Investors would do well to expect the unexpected every year

Weston Wellington, the Vice President of Dimensional Fund Advisors in the US provides timely commentary and insight in response to prominent financial media headlines and topics concerning investors today. In this article he warns that Investors would do well to expect the unexpected every year.

How to Beat the Market

Tim Hale Smarter Investing 3rd edition Chances are, you’ve read articles saying that it is impossible to beat the stock market–that is, to consistently earn higher returns than the stock market averages. At a recent conference for industry professionals in Dallas, the distinguished economist Dr. Horace Brock offered a deep dive into economic theory, and […]