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Doing Well and Doing Good?

Sustainable Thinking

Growing interest in the impact of fossil fuels on the global climate may spark questions about whether individuals can integrate their values around sustainability with their investment goals and, if so, how. As citizens, individuals can express their political preferences around sustainability through the ballot box. As investors, they also can express their preferences through […]

New Model Adviser

Professional Connections Video Briefing – Financial Life Coaching Duncan Glassey – video interview – How should Financial Planners factor in holistic life planning in their client service proposition? For the answers to this question and more watch this week’s Adviser KnowHow, featuring Duncan Glassey, partner of Edinburgh-based Wealthflow. Green investing used to be a niche […]

Green goes mainstream

Last week, Barack Obama laid out his climate change strategy. He set out plans to cut carbon emissions and to increase renewable energy projects. And he urged people to support the environment by investing and divesting appropriately. Green investing used to be a niche activity for only the most seriously committed environmentalists. It involved excluding […]