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Gold Rush or False Refuge?

Gold is one of those “alternatives” to stock market investment that seem to get more attention when economic prospects seem most dicey. Maybe the real question isn’t whether gold is a terrific asset class, but whether gold or any alternative instrument really offers safe harbour from shaky capital markets and economic catastrophe. Can investors reliably […]

Who Has the Midas Touch?

Over the course of a lengthy and illustrious business career, Warren Buffett has offered thoughtful opinions on a wide variety of investment-related issues—executive compensation, accounting standards, high-yield bonds, derivatives, stock options, and so on. In regard to gold and its investment merits, however, Buffett has had little to say—at least in the pages of his […]

Philanthropic Gold – Support Olympian Euan Burton

Euan is currently ranked 4th in the World, as the most consistent performer in the World last year, another rise up the rankings is expected.  An Olympian from 2008 he is well into his journey to London 2012, with recent medal wins at the Tokyo Grand Slam and the World Championships (Tokyo). Euan is seen […]