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What should Prince Harry do with his inheritance?

Harry is set to inherit £10 million from his mother’s estate when he turn 30 next week. Prince Harry’s love of partying is no secret and the £10 million he’s about to inherit on his 30th birthday could be cause to celebrate, but he might want to think carefully about what he’s going to do […]

Cape Fear: Purely a numbers game?

Following a rather frustrating conversation with a local Maths teacher, who believes stockmarket success is purely a result of predictive quantative analysis, I feel compelled to write…

Crystal Balls

One of the mysteries of life in the financial markets is that many people still seem to believe you can build a successful investment strategy around forecasting, despite the road being littered with the corpses of those who got it wrong. This month, 24 out of 27 market economists polled by Bloomberg forecast the Reserve […]

Financial Planning Tips

Aside from National Savings, the first port of call for most investors will be pensions and ISAs, and those who can afford to do so are usually advised to invest fully in both. But is that the end of the story? Both pensions and ISAs offer a tax-free environment on the investment returns which are […]