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The Price is Right

The Price is Right

When we talk about the way we invest you might hear us saying we believe prices are fair; that we believe in the power of markets; or that we believe there is information in prices. These are different ways of saying largely the same thing—that we believe the market does a good job of incorporating […]

Investing & Football…

Even if you are not a football fan you will have seen that Tottenham Hotspur has sold its star player, Gareth Bale, to Real Madrid for a world-record €100m. Even in the profligate world of elite football, that’s a staggering sum of money. Just how much is illustrated by Tottenham buying seven players, for about […]

Where’s the Good News?

Bad news sells. It sells because fear is a more powerful emotion than greed. Newspaper editors know that, which is why the front pages are often so depressing. But sometimes you need to dig inside the paper for a more balanced view. The bad news has been dominant in global markets in recent years, starting […]

Investing – Top Ten Greatest Hits

For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of hearing many colleagues discuss the fundamentals of investing in simple and effective ways. Everyone puts their own words and music to this set of ideas, but the following are what I consider the top ten greatest hits, with a few of my own verses […]