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The ‘Credit Crunch’ Explained

Ever wondered, “How did it get so bad so quickly?”  How did the cleverest financiers get us into this credit crunch?  Who should we flog publicly I hear you cry?  How could we create a $457 trillion global derivatives market leveraged on global Gross Domestic Product (the total market value of all goods and services […]

Alternative Investments

This week’s Financial Question is about alternative investments. QUESTION: Duncan, in these difficult times, should I be looking to alternative investments, the glossy financial magazines appear to think so? ANSWER: A recent magazine cover showed a dejected businessman sprawled on a pavement, an open briefcase beside him and a thought bubble over his head proclaiming that […]

Holistic Financial Planning

Posted in Friday’s Financial Question. This week’s Financial Question is about holistic financial life planning. QUESTION: Duncan, ‘holistic financial planning’ – is it not all a little quirky and touchy feely for us Brits? ANSWER: Surprisingly it’s more ‘kicky punchy’ than touchy feely – allowing you time to visualise your personal goals before asking your […]