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Starting with The End in Mind

Question Duncan, what is Financial Life Planning? Answer The typical financial strategy demands that you set aside money for some distant future that you may not even live to enjoy. For many people, the idea of slogging away for 20, 30 or even 50 years before seeing any reward simply doesn’t appeal. They either never […]

People Begged to Invest with Him

Reproduced with the kind permission of Dimensional Fund Advisors (United States) A long list of wealthy investors both in the US and abroad have been shocked to learn that Bernard L. Madoff, a prominent and well-respected broker and money manager, has been accused of orchestrating one of the most extensive investment frauds in US history. […]

Salary Sacrifice or Direct Pension Contribution?

Question Duncan, my accountant has suggested ’salary sacrifice’ as a means of saving tax and bolstering my retirement funding.  What do you think? Answer It is arguable that where you are able to agree on a salary/bonus sacrifice with your employer, with the sacrificed income being paid as an employer pension contribution to your chosen […]

Sudden Wealth Case Study

Do you dream of waking up one morning to realise that you are rich with sudden wealth? If you just sold your business, received a substantial inheritance, or obtained a hefty legal settlement, you are now in a position envied by millions. Regardless if your wealth is a newfound friend or an old pal, any […]

Retail v Institutional (Active v Passive) Management

This week’s Financial Question is about the ‘active v passive’ management debate. QUESTION: Duncan, intuitively I’ve always believed that ’active fund management’ was the right strategy for my portfolio, but colleagues in the States tell me that the academic research suggests otherwise.  What’s your view? ANSWER: One intuitive, albeit misguided suggestion is that an active […]