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40% Pension Tax Relief Abolished?

Perk to be withdrawn? Over the years we have always been loath to scaremonger ahead of Budgets. But on this occasion we feel we ought to draw to your attention the risk that higher rate tax relief on pension contributions could be abolished in next week’s Budget (22nd April). The Irish government is under similar […]

Financial Planning – Medical Negligence – Catastrophic Injury

Question: How do I ensure money received doesn’t run out too soon? Answer You should begin the orientation and planning process prior to receiving any financial settlement. It is a common mistake to delay financial planning. It takes time to get a clear understanding of how this money might fit into your life, how much […]

Why is it so difficult to look at my relationship with money?

Answer by Dr Maria Nemeth Money is an uncomfortable subject for most of us to talk about. Many people would rather discuss intimate details about their personal lives than about their bank balance or how much money they earn each month. We love money and we hate it. We can’t live with it, and we […]

Capitalism Will Return in Force

Translated from the article “Le capitalisme doit revenir en force,” L’Echo Belgian Business, March 13, 2009. Efficient markets survive crashes. An Interview with Eugene Fama Jr., by Jennifer Nille Has the current financial crisis KO’d capital markets? Eugene Fama Jr. says no. The son of the author of the theory reminds us that in troubled […]

The Perils of Sudden Wealth

Two lottery wins in two consecutive years and the combined total of $5.4 million gone in just over two decades. Evelyn Adams, who achieved the Great American Dream twice when she won the New Jersey lottery in 1985 and 1986, is now destitute and living in a trailer. The tragedy is that hers is not […]