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The Millionaire Next Door

A recent news article reported that Grace Groner passed away in January at age 100, leaving £5 million. Although Groner lived in a wealthy community, she hardly fitted the profile of a trust-fund socialite. An orphan at age twelve, she was cared for by neighbours and attended university, earning an English degree in 1931. She […]

The Whole Investment Story

Synopsis: A ten year loss across the ‘noughties’ for UK shares is not the true story. We commented in our recent bulletin that 2009´s 22.1% rise in the FTSE 100 index was not the whole story for the past 12 months. The same “don´t-believe-the-Footsie approach” is worth taking for the ´noughties´ decade. FTSE Index 1999-2009 […]

Offshore Accounts – Tax Avoidance

Synopsis: Last minute rush to take advantage of the New Disclosure Opportunity. It has been reported that almost 10,000 people have come forward to declare previously undisclosed offshore accounts under the New Disclosure Opportunity (NDO). Apparently there was a last minute rush to meet the deadline that passed on 4th January 2010. Under the terms […]

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Last year proved to be unusually rewarding for equity investors around the world, with returns in excess of 25% in 41 out of 45 countries tracked by MSCI. Emerging markets did especially well; total return for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (expressed in US dollars) was 79.02%, the highest since inception of the index in […]

Investor Principles – Top Tips for 2010

I remind myself often: I am an investor not a speculator. I am an investor. I do not trade my assets frequently. That’s speculation, not investing. I am also a saver, fuelling my investments with continuous savings from current income. I know that every kind of asset entails risk – even cash, which can be […]