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Here’s the Prescription

As much as I value the unfettered access to information the internet provides, I recognise the potential harm that too much information can cause. Take, for example, a friend of mine, who was experiencing some troubling medical symptoms. Typing her symptoms into a search engine led to an evening of research and mounting consternation. By […]

Financial Literacy – Educating Your Children

Educating Children About Money

An article by the digital editor of Financial Times Money, Lucy Warwick-Ching, provides a useful reminder about the emotional energy and power of money. Lucy’s piece draws on a number of research studies, including a recent HSBC study  which questioned 2000 parents and 500 children on various aspects of financial literacy. The results point to significant gender differences, including […]

The hidden value of great financial planning

Delivering ‘peace of mind’ may sound a bit trite, but that is the goal, consequence and value of great financial planning.

Just as we pride ourselves in providing expert advice to our clients we also value the research and wisdom of finance academics. In his most recent publication, Tim Hale (author of Smarter Investing: Simple Decisions for Better Results) provides insightful thinking on the hidden value of great financial planning. Almost everyone worries about money, what […]

Wealthflow’s Philosophy & Mission

We are passionate about what we do and devote time and energy to the continued development of our profession. We will be a committed partner in helping you achieve what is meaningful in your life. What we do as your financial life planner can have tremendous leverage on your future happiness. We take that responsibility […]

What Future Higher Rate Pension Relief?

In the third of the prime ministerial debates, Gordon Brown indicated that higher rate relief would be restricted for those with income of £100,000 or more (a much lower income threshold than that applicable under the anti-forestalling provisions or the new restricted relief provisions due to take effect from April 2011).  Although it was subsequently […]