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AIM Investing – does it hit the mark?

A favourite of tax advisers and stockbrokers, but is ‘The Alternative Investment Market (AIM)’ worth the risk for low to medium risk investors? I’m not convinced. Here’s why. 1. What is the AIM? The AIM is a market which provides small and fast growing businesses opportunities to generate capital. Since its launch in 1995, approximately […]

Smarter Investing – What they don’t tell you at Harvard Business School

Celebrating 10yrs of Wealthflow

Investment belief: the judgmental vs. systematic debate Latest independent SPIVA outcomes: the year-end data for 2016 is now available and continues to illustrate that only 10% to 20% of active managers live up to their market beating (more expensive) promises. Over 15 years in the US around 60% of all equity funds fail to survive […]

Key Questions to ask a Financial Planner

Key questions to ask a financial adviser

Duncan Glassey, Partner at Wealthflow, believes there are 10 questions you should ask before choosing your financial planner. Choosing a financial planner is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it will almost certainly affect your financial future. 1. What are your qualifications? Check if they hold any advanced level professional credentials, such […]

Crowdfunding: peer-to-peer lending– a fad or the future?


Something quite remarkable is going on in the world of finance; it is the disintermediation of traditional financial services providers.  The internet is revolutionising the way in which consumers access traditional financial services.  Crowdfunding is one such area where the middle man (the bank) is being replaced by internet based models.  Put simply, crowdfunding is […]