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Brexit and Your Portfolio

Brexit and Your Portfolio

Whichever way you voted, it is hard not to be dismayed by the shambles that is Brexit, concocted by all sides. In the event any deal agreed gets voted down in Parliament, or there is no deal, there is a material chance the government could fall. One or both of these events would come with […]

Greece’s precipitous position and its implications for investors


This weekend’s announcements that bail-out talks have stalled, the Greek government has called for a referendum on whether to reject or accept the terms on offer from the Eurozone, and the announcement that the ECB will cease to provide liquidity to Greek banks means that, barring any other surprises, the Greek debt boil is about […]

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed that the global investment markets have been bouncing around unpredictably from one day to the next, and every time there is a major move, you hear analysts mumbling something about the debt crisis in Europe.  On the up days, they talk about light at the […]

Cruising Toward Resolution

Does it ever feel like this… to be a stock market investor these days? Two weeks ago, the markets were rocked by the Standard & Poors ratings downgrade of longer-term U.S. Treasury securities.  This past week, it was problems with European debt. It’s not immediately obvious, even for financial professionals, why U.S. and U.K. stocks […]