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UK Budget November 2017

A politically safe budget. Having been rebuffed by younger voters in the June general election, the Government is understandably concerned to be seen to be addressing their needs, and this was reflected in the Chancellor’s November Budget announcements. Of particular concern has been the difficulty young people are experiencing in getting onto the housing ladder, […]

Wealthflow Newsletter : October 2016

Key questions to ask a financial adviser

Andy Haldane, the Chief Economist at the Bank of England, complained recently that he did not understand pensions and then, as if to prove the point, went on to suggest that property might provide a better return than pension investment.

‘Charityflow’ – New Philanthropy

Andrew Carnegie

Today we live in a world where Governments actively look to cut spending on social services, education, research and the arts. A world where almost 10% of the global population is currently displaced, a world where the gap between the very wealthy and the rest widens at an exponential rate.

Professional Collaboration

For a qualified solicitor, Ian Muirhead is not terribly impressed by the business skills of lawyers. As the managing director of SIFA (Solicitors Independent Financial Advice), Muirhead is well placed to comment. “Most solicitors aren’t numerate, which makes them bad business managers,” he says – and he believes SIFA’s core mission – “to facilitate and […]

The Holy Grail of Financial Planning

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) I have worked with a number of leading law firms in recent years and I can see enormous potential in solicitors and financial planners forging closer links, to considerable mutual benefit. I see this most clearly in what has been called the Holy Grail of financial planning – ‘lifetime […]