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Income tax changes from 6 April 2018

The personal allowance for 2018/19 is £11,850. However, some individuals do not benefit from the full personal allowance. There is a reduction in the personal allowance for those with ‘adjusted net income’ over £100,000, which is £1 for every £2 of income above £100,000. So for 2018/19 there is no personal allowance where adjusted net […]

Deciphering the Code

With the debate over the U.S. government debt, the debt woes in the Eurozone, and talk of a double-dip recession – suddenly fairly complex economic issues are showing up in the mainstream news.  In our own conversations with clients, we recognise that sometimes the lingo used in the financial services and economic world can become […]

Dividends and the Lost Decade

In the United States, Exxon Mobil and IBM announced dividend increases last week, boosting the cash payout to shareholders by 4.8% and 18.2%, respectively. Other prominent firms augmenting their dividends over the last month include Conoco Phillips (10.0%), Costco Wholesale (13.9%), Entergy (10.6%), Johnson & Johnson (10.2%), Pepsico (6.7%), TJX Companies, parent of Marshalls and […]