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Guessing Games?

Markets have had a rocky time of late as investors in aggregate reassess prospects for monetary policy stimulus in the United States. Is this something to worry about? The world’s most closely watched central bank unsettled financial markets by flagging that it may start to scale back its bond purchases. Under this programme of so-called […]

Crystal Balls

One of the mysteries of life in the financial markets is that many people still seem to believe you can build a successful investment strategy around forecasting, despite the road being littered with the corpses of those who got it wrong. This month, 24 out of 27 market economists polled by Bloomberg forecast the Reserve […]

Dangers of Sudden Wealth?

In harsh economic times, the lure of a life-changing windfall has even more sparkle. Little wonder that Colin and Chris Weir from Largs are reportedly “tickled pink” with their £161m Euromillions jackpot. But what dangers await them? People who receive sudden wealth often suffer great frustration over how to deal with such a large amount […]

Inflation Dilemma

Ten years ago, eminent economists were saying that inflation had been beaten for ever. How wrong they were! Back in the 1970s, when inflation was well above 20%, the main reason was a trebling in the price of oil, the effect of which was exacerbated by competing trade union demands for compensating wage increases. Both […]

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Last year proved to be unusually rewarding for equity investors around the world, with returns in excess of 25% in 41 out of 45 countries tracked by MSCI. Emerging markets did especially well; total return for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (expressed in US dollars) was 79.02%, the highest since inception of the index in […]