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Junior ISAs – As simple as ABC

The Junior ISA is a tax free account aimed specifically at UK resident children under age 18 who didn’t qualify for a Child Trust Fund (CTF). This also includes children born before the CTF was introduced on 1 September 2002 to ensure that they don’t miss out. Like the CTF, the child will own the […]

Children & Money

There are reports (unconfirmed officially as yet) that the new Junior ISA limit will be £3,600 when it is launched in November 2011. It has also been suggested that the Child Trust Fund (CTF) limit will also increase to £3,600 – again unconfirmed. All will no doubt become a little clearer when the final rules […]

New tax-free accounts for children

Good news for young families. The Treasury has set out proposed rules for the new Junior ISAs that will be available to young savers from November 2011. Children will be allowed to hold one cash fund and one equities fund, with the total contributions limited to GBP3,000 a year. All returns  are tax-free. The funds […]

Child Trust Fund

Synopsis: Another round of Child Trust Fund payments is about to begin. The launch of the Child Trust Fund (CTF) was one of those pieces of legislation regularly re-announced by Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor. The first proposals appeared in a Treasury paper in April 2001. There was a formal announcement of the scheme […]