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School Fees – Smarter Investing by Grandparents

School Fees Planning

Many parents and grandparents value the standard of education offered by independent schools and will pay for that privilege. Even if children do not go to an independent school, they may well go to university. Planning for these costs can help avoid the burden of a sizeable student loan.

So it is ‘leave’…

People love to make predictions, especially in January and early February, when everyone is looking forward to the year ahead.

The UK has woken up this morning to a vote to leave the EU, the Prime Minister is set to leave office in October and the markets are suffering a bout of jitters. We all knew that these were possibilities. To some this is a good day, to others it is not. But we are […]

Chartered Wealth Manager

Duncan Glassey has been awarded the 'Chartered Wealth Manager' title

We are delighted to announce that Duncan Glassey has been awarded the ‘Chartered Wealth Manager’ title. Chartered Wealth Manager is a title awarded by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) to recognise senior members in the retail sector at the pinnacle of their profession. Chartered Wealth Manager is the mark of an up […]