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Wealthflow : Budget Review 2016

Good News / Bad News

It’s business as usual for pension saving as the Chancellor confirmed there will be no imminent changes to pension tax relief. And the introduction of the new LISA saving vehicle from April 2017 adds another attractive complementary option to the saving landscape. Taken together with cuts in CGT rates, further boosts in income tax thresholds […]

Wealthflow’s 12 Quick Tax Tips

Our 12 Quick Tax Tips Don’t waste your (or your partner’s) £9,440 personal allowance. Watch your tax band – the number of higher rate taxpayers is growing. Don’t ignore national insurance contributions –they are really a tax at up to 25.8%. Think marginal tax rates – the system now creates 60% (and higher) marginal rates. […]

The Art of Smart Investing & Football

Well the moment has finally arrived, whether you are incredibly excited or totally indifferent, World Cup 2010 is off and running. I recently came across the following article which was printed in the New York Times, “The Art of the Save, for Goalie and Investor“, which I thought might be topical given the focus that […]

Osborne to announce CGT exemptions

Chancellor George Osborne is due to announce a number of concessions in the planned capital gains tax (CGT) rise, including exemption for over-65s, according to The Sunday Telegraph. The government has come under fire over its plans to raise CGT from the flat rate of 18% to ‘close to’ income tax rates. Conservative MP John […]