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Beware – 2013 Crystal Balls

One of the more interesting myths in the investment world is that large financial institutions, with their access to mountains of data pored over by teams of staff economists, can determine where the markets are going and profit accordingly. Too many investors believe this even though, every year, we can go back to the confident […]

Climb that Wall of Worry

It seems like every quarter we find ourselves saying the same thing: what a difference a quarter makes! In the first two months of 2012, the world’s leading stock markets were recording excitingly positive returns. The U.S. economy seemed to be back on track and there was talk that the Eurocrisis was finally behind us. […]

Financial Life Coaching?

When British Olympic rowers Heather Stanning and Helen Glover won a gold medal in the London games, they remarked that it was as if they had their coach alongside them in their boat. Are great financial planners also great coaches? Let’s explore… financial life coaching. Some coaches are good at technical detail. Others excel at […]

Party Time?

The surge in stock prices around the world in the first quarter serves as a reminder that predicting market trends can be a frustrating business. Six months ago, the outlook for stock prices appeared to be fading from grim to grimmer: Politicians were wrangling unsuccessfully to craft a deficit reduction plan, Standard & Poor’s had […]

Armchair Experts

As a topic of conversation, investment is like sports. Everyone has an opinion. And the strongest opinions often come from those who spend more time in front of the TV than out on the playing field. Practitioners, meanwhile, are wary of anything labelled a sure thing. Indeed, it’s one of life’s ironies that the people […]