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Top Tips Intelligent Investing 2011

Neither I nor most financial experts would dream of feverishly trading highly-profitable shareholdings or investment funds because of a small movement in the Bank of England base rate or because some TV pundit had reversed his views on the stock market.  Personally I would rather be certain of a good return than hopeful of a […]

The Premium Bond Prize Pot Rises by 50%

NATIONAL SAVINGS Synopsis: The Premium Bond prize rate has jumped, but it is still meagre… It is probably just a coincidence that in the week that the Office of National Statistics announced a record £16.1bn of public sector borrowing for August, National Savings & Investments (NS&I) revealed improved terms for Premium Bonds. We commented in […]

What’s the best way to purchase commercial premises?

Company Purchase? Advantages If the company buys the property, it does not disrupt or distort the pension investment structure in any way. If the company owns the property, there will be no rent to pay, only interest on any debt. The interest will be tax relievable (as would be rent). By contrast, a pension scheme […]

Base rate cut by another 0.5%

The Bank of England has again cut interest rates, bringing base rate down to just 1.5%, its lowest level since the creation of the bank in 1694. In a statement issued alongside the announcement the Bank highlighted several factors leading to its decision: ´The world economy appears to be undergoing an unusually sharp and synchronised […]