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Recent Market Turmoil: China

Market Falls

As the American baseball coach Yogi Berra, renowned for his comical quotes, once said ‘It’s deja vu all over again!’; that is very much how this recent market sell-off feels. Experienced investors will be familiar with the scenario that has been playing out over the past couple of weeks in the markets and familiar, too, […]

Lying About Libor

You may have been scratching your head at the ongoing (so-called) “Libor Scandal.” What, exactly, did those banks do that was so awful? One answer is: they lowered your interest rates on everything from credit card debt to student loans. Come again? “Libor” is an acronym that stands for “London Interbank Offered Rate,” which is […]

Smarter Investing

As the Treasury looks to take a bigger slice of income, there has been a useful reminder of the importance of income to investment returns. The Barclays Capital Equity Gilt Study is not just a book of numbers. It contains a variety of articles, some of which draw on the data. The latest Study contains […]

Barclays settles €50m fraud claim with Qatari prince

Barclays has reached a settlement over an embarrassing legal claim raised by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Thani, brother of the Emir of Qatar, that €50m ($69m) had been stolen from his account at the UK bank in Marbella between 2001 and 2003, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph, London. The sheikh had charged Barclays […]

Another Blow for Fragile Banks

The banking sector has received another blow to its already fragile confidence as Standard & Poor’s has lowered its credit ratings on a number of institutions, including amongst others, Barclays, HSBC and RBS. This reflects the significant pressure on these large complex financial institutions’ future performance due to increasing bank industry risk and the deepening […]