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Top Tips Intelligent Investing 2011

Neither I nor most financial experts would dream of feverishly trading highly-profitable shareholdings or investment funds because of a small movement in the Bank of England base rate or because some TV pundit had reversed his views on the stock market.  Personally I would rather be certain of a good return than hopeful of a […]

Bank Savings Alternative???

Index-linked certificates are looking surprisingly attractive. National Savings & Investments has largely disappeared from the savings league tables since its brief flirtation with market-leading growth bond rates last October (you may remember – I know that many Wealthflow clients benefited from these excellent rates). On the face of it, index-linked certificates offering 1% pa over […]

Conservatives Publish Manifesto

The Tory Party has at last published its election manifesto. Among the election pledges are the following; Emergency budget within 50 days of election to include immediate £6bn cut in public spending Scrapping of planned increase in national insurance for employers and workers earnings less than £35,000. Main rate of corporation tax to be cut […]

The recession is not over

Synopsis: The latest figures from National Statistics suggest the UK economy is still shrinking. Is the UK still in recession? In the days before last Friday´s release of GDP figures from National Statistics, most economists would have said ´probably not´. The consensus forecast was for GDP to have shown an increase in the third quarter […]