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Greece is the Word

For the individual investor, the best approach remains diversifying across many countries and asset classes, remaining focused on your own goals and, most of all, listening to your chosen adviser, who understands your situation best.

The world’s markets and media financial pages have been consumed by a single issue in recent weeks—the stand-off between debt-laden Greece and its international lenders over the conditions of any further bailout. For investors everywhere, both of the large institutional kind and individual participants, the story has been fast-paced and difficult to keep up with. […]

Causes for Concern

One of the best businesses to be in is predicting disaster and selling books or newsletters telling people how to overcome the next cataclysmic decline in civilization. Thousands of investors missed the greatest bull market in history because they were subscribing to the monthly predictions contained in Money Week (UK) and Howard Ruff’s Ruff Times […]

Fear Itself… Europe

Yet again, the markets are spooked by the European debt crisis.  By now, you may be feeling like you’ve heard more about the Greek economy than you ever wanted to know.  Last month, the Eurozone members agreed to write down half of the Greek debt owned by the private sector, and recapitalise Europe’s banks. Problem […]

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have noticed that the global investment markets have been bouncing around unpredictably from one day to the next, and every time there is a major move, you hear analysts mumbling something about the debt crisis in Europe.  On the up days, they talk about light at the […]

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Last year proved to be unusually rewarding for equity investors around the world, with returns in excess of 25% in 41 out of 45 countries tracked by MSCI. Emerging markets did especially well; total return for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (expressed in US dollars) was 79.02%, the highest since inception of the index in […]