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50% Income Tax Rate

Individuals with income in excess of £150,000 are liable to a 50% top rate of Income Tax, and 42.5% on dividends. In addition, the basic personal allowance for Income Tax is gradually reduced to nil for individuals with adjusted net income above £100,000. Reducing Your Taxable Income Incorporation of a business can help to mitigate […]

Wealthflow Tips™: Tax Planning

Despite some high profile cases of tax avoidance, it remains a Government objective to encourage saving by providing legitimate ways of minimising tax. The end of the tax year is the ideal time to consider some of the opportunities. Inheritance tax can be reduced by transferring the assets on which the tax is charged, so […]

Year End Planning

March is a key month in which to consider tax planning to maximise the use of an individual’s allowances, reliefs, exemptions etc for the current tax year.  Some of these will be lost if not used before the tax year end. As well as last minute tax planning for 2009/10, now is also a good […]

Question – how best to save tax?

Husband and Wife and Civil partnerships / Independent Taxation / Civil Partnerships Synopsis: The arrival of the 50% rate of tax in April 2010 should be a spur for affected couples to ensure they are taking full advantage of independent taxation. This bulletin replaces the previous bulletin posted 9 June 2009 in order to amend […]