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Causes for Concern

One of the best businesses to be in is predicting disaster and selling books or newsletters telling people how to overcome the next cataclysmic decline in civilization. Thousands of investors missed the greatest bull market in history because they were subscribing to the monthly predictions contained in Money Week (UK) and Howard Ruff’s Ruff Times […]

Investing – Top Ten Greatest Hits

For more than a decade, I have had the privilege of hearing many colleagues discuss the fundamentals of investing in simple and effective ways. Everyone puts their own words and music to this set of ideas, but the following are what I consider the top ten greatest hits, with a few of my own verses […]

Life’s Tradeoffs

Many aspects of life require careful consideration and balancing of the tradeoffs that arise from competing demands. For example, a common lifestyle tradeoff is working longer hours versus spending more time with your family. The competing demands within this decision are the income necessary to provide a suitable quality of life for your family versus […]