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Taxing your Home?

Possible tax on gains made on sales of properties worth over £1m. PRIVATE RESIDENCE Synopsis: LibDems favour CGT on gains made on sales of private residences worth more than £1m if 50% additional rate is abolished. The Liberal Democrats are reported to be pushing for capital gains tax to be levied on gains made on […]

New Tax Savings – Pensions

Extensive changes to the pensions tax regime took place from 6 April 2011.  Here we recap some of the main features of the new regime and, importantly, what actions you should be taking in relation to your own pension provision. Key features of the new regime The annual allowance of pension contributions you can make […]

Offset Mortgages 40%/50% Taxpayers

Offset mortgages are very tax efficient.  However, if interest rates rise offset mortgages will lose some of their appeal. Borrowers should therefore take advantage of low rates of interest while they can. There is little doubt that an offset mortgage can be a very effective way of repaying a house purchase loan for a higher/additional […]