Risk and return are inextricably linked, so draw up your strategy carefully

Question: Duncan, events over the past year have been very discouraging from an investment perspective, what general advice can you give? Answer: I believe a broadly diversified investment approach has made sense in the past, makes sense today and will continue to make sense in the future. Most importantly, this strategy provides the strongest foundation […]

Q&A: Civil Partnerships/Independent Taxation?

Q. Duncan, we’re a lesbian couple, can you provide us with specialist tax advice? Yes.  HMRC has produced a useful guide on the taxation of, and benefits available to, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers. The leaflet gives guidance on: Income Tax National Insurance Contributions Inheritance Tax Capital Gains Tax State Pensions Tax Credits The guide is […]

Principal Private Residence Relief ?

CAPITAL GAINS TAX PLANNING Synopsis: The publicity surrounding the subject of MPs “flipping” properties may well have brought the CGT second residence rules under closer scrutiny. Here, we consider how those rules work. There has been considerable publicity over MPs “flipping” their choice of private residence for expenses purposes. As a result it would seem […]

Question – how best to save tax?

Husband and Wife and Civil partnerships / Independent Taxation / Civil Partnerships Synopsis: The arrival of the 50% rate of tax in April 2010 should be a spur for affected couples to ensure they are taking full advantage of independent taxation. This bulletin replaces the previous bulletin posted 9 June 2009 in order to amend […]