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So, it is a hung Parliament…

As dawn breaks, the morning light reveals yet another political gamble that has not paid off for the dice roller. The UK has a hung Parliament, with no party holding an absolute majority. Such is the unpredictability of a parliamentary democracy. If you ask the people of the UK what they think, be prepared for […]

‘Charityflow’ – New Philanthropy

Andrew Carnegie

Today we live in a world where Governments actively look to cut spending on social services, education, research and the arts. A world where almost 10% of the global population is currently displaced, a world where the gap between the very wealthy and the rest widens at an exponential rate.

Philanthropy… ‘The Gospel of Wealth’

Andrwew Carnegie - The Gospel Of Wealth

America claims to be a place where if you work hard enough you can become wealthy. However, for all that prosperity, the gap between rich and poor has always been large and continues to grow. For over a century, people have tried to fix this inequality. The Gospel of Wealth was written in 1889 by […]