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Wealth Check: ‘I want to retire at 40. Am I deluded?’

Case Study Taken from The Independent, Saturday 10 January 2009 Nick Eddy, 27, is originally from Victoria, Australia and has been living in London for less than a year. He is a civil engineer and has been working in construction management for the 2012 Olympic Games for the past four years. Nick doesn’t have an […]

If stock picking didn’t work in 2008, when will it work?

It seems plausible that last year’s financial meltdown was so extensive and so well-advertised that investment experts (in particular, stockbrokers and discretionary managers) would have found it relatively easy to outperform the broad market by selecting the right stocks or sectors. But a review of several widely read sources of advice suggests that, in at […]

Q&A: Timing & Volatility

Question Wealthflow, I’m not a client but I have a question.  Stock market volatility is currently quite high. Does it make sense for investors to get out of the market until volatility settles down? Answer If the current high volatility makes you permanently averse to stock market volatility, and the inevitable variation in market volatility, […]

Alternative Investments

This week’s Financial Question is about alternative investments. QUESTION: Duncan, in these difficult times, should I be looking to alternative investments, the glossy financial magazines appear to think so? ANSWER: A recent magazine cover showed a dejected businessman sprawled on a pavement, an open briefcase beside him and a thought bubble over his head proclaiming that […]

Hedge Funds

Posted in Friday’s Financial Question. This week’s Financial Question is about alternative investments. QUESTION: Duncan, hedge funds are the talk of the cocktail party, what’s your view. Should I be investing? ANSWER: In short, no! Financial products are often bought as a means for people to express beliefs, acquire status or even appear sophisticated. In […]