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Risk and return are inextricably linked, so draw up your strategy carefully

Question: Duncan, events over the past year have been very discouraging from an investment perspective, what general advice can you give? Answer: I believe a broadly diversified investment approach has made sense in the past, makes sense today and will continue to make sense in the future. Most importantly, this strategy provides the strongest foundation […]

Capitalism Will Return in Force

Translated from the article “Le capitalisme doit revenir en force,” L’Echo Belgian Business, March 13, 2009. Efficient markets survive crashes. An Interview with Eugene Fama Jr., by Jennifer Nille Has the current financial crisis KO’d capital markets? Eugene Fama Jr. says no. The son of the author of the theory reminds us that in troubled […]

Losing interest but what’s the alternative?

With interest rates for savers falling further last week it is only natural that anyone who has previously relied upon interest payments to partially fund their lifestyle or generate growth for future income will now be looking for better returns. And better returns are potentially available through a whole host of product types, including structured […]

The Informed Investor

Recently we have had a number of people with bad investment experiences contact us for advice.  So what do we tell people who want to become informed investors, who can have a successful investment experience? We begin by saying, that most people still don’t understand the difference between speculation and investing. When you’ve got this […]