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Depositor Protection

The special additional cover given to Northern Rock depositors is being withdrawn. When Northern Rock became Northern Wreck in September 2007, the Treasury issued a statement saying that it would guarantee all the bank’s deposit accounts in being at midnight on19 September 2007. The guarantee covered future interest payments, movements of funds between accounts and […]

Smarter Investing

As the Treasury looks to take a bigger slice of income, there has been a useful reminder of the importance of income to investment returns. The Barclays Capital Equity Gilt Study is not just a book of numbers. It contains a variety of articles, some of which draw on the data. The latest Study contains […]

The Whole Investment Story

Synopsis: A ten year loss across the ‘noughties’ for UK shares is not the true story. We commented in our recent bulletin that 2009´s 22.1% rise in the FTSE 100 index was not the whole story for the past 12 months. The same “don´t-believe-the-Footsie approach” is worth taking for the ´noughties´ decade. FTSE Index 1999-2009 […]

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Last year proved to be unusually rewarding for equity investors around the world, with returns in excess of 25% in 41 out of 45 countries tracked by MSCI. Emerging markets did especially well; total return for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (expressed in US dollars) was 79.02%, the highest since inception of the index in […]

Investor Principles – Top Tips for 2010

I remind myself often: I am an investor not a speculator. I am an investor. I do not trade my assets frequently. That’s speculation, not investing. I am also a saver, fuelling my investments with continuous savings from current income. I know that every kind of asset entails risk – even cash, which can be […]