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The Role of Financial Advisers

One of my favourite books is Winning the Loser’s Game by Charles D Ellis.  Here Charles Ellis discusses the role of financial advisers, the basic principles of investing and Winning the Loser’s Game. It’s a fascinating interview that I want to share with you. The role of financial advisers If they’re very good, financial advisers […]

Bank Savings Alternative???

Index-linked certificates are looking surprisingly attractive. National Savings & Investments has largely disappeared from the savings league tables since its brief flirtation with market-leading growth bond rates last October (you may remember – I know that many Wealthflow clients benefited from these excellent rates). On the face of it, index-linked certificates offering 1% pa over […]

Dividends and the Lost Decade

In the United States, Exxon Mobil and IBM announced dividend increases last week, boosting the cash payout to shareholders by 4.8% and 18.2%, respectively. Other prominent firms augmenting their dividends over the last month include Conoco Phillips (10.0%), Costco Wholesale (13.9%), Entergy (10.6%), Johnson & Johnson (10.2%), Pepsico (6.7%), TJX Companies, parent of Marshalls and […]

Depositor Protection

The special additional cover given to Northern Rock depositors is being withdrawn. When Northern Rock became Northern Wreck in September 2007, the Treasury issued a statement saying that it would guarantee all the bank’s deposit accounts in being at midnight on19 September 2007. The guarantee covered future interest payments, movements of funds between accounts and […]

Smarter Investing

As the Treasury looks to take a bigger slice of income, there has been a useful reminder of the importance of income to investment returns. The Barclays Capital Equity Gilt Study is not just a book of numbers. It contains a variety of articles, some of which draw on the data. The latest Study contains […]