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US Equity Returns Following Past Downturns

US Equity Returns Following Past Downturns

Sudden market downturns can be unsettling. Sticking with your plan helps put you in the best position to capture a recovery. A broad market index tracking data since 1926 in the US shows that stocks have generally delivered strong returns over one-year, three-year, and five-year periods following steep declines. Fama/French Total US Market Research Index […]

Coronavirus – keep things in perspective

Sailing with the Tides

In the modern era, we have far greater access to world news at just the click of a button, or from flash news alerts on our phones. This is not always a good thing as newspapers and websites publish news stories that will attract readers. It can be all too easy to focus on these […]

Taking small steps towards a more sustainable world

Sustainable Thinking

It does feel as if the world is at an inflection point: step up to the challenges of global warming and other non-sustainable pressures on the Earth’s resources today or let our children and grandchildren reap the havoc of the melting ice caps; sea water level rises; deforestation and a decline in biodiversity; desertification and […]

Our charity for 2020

The Wealthflow team have nominated Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB) as our charity for 2020.

The Wealthflow team have nominated Simpsons Special Care Babies (SSCB) as our charity for 2020. “Simpsons Special Care Babies is an entirely voluntary run charity, founded in Edinburgh in 1985. Our primary objective is to support the specialist care that the wonderful staff of the Simpson Neonatal Unit provide to babies born prematurely or sick, both […]

Election outcome: a large Conservative majority

For some, waking up to the large Tory majority this morning will be a relief, avoiding the higher taxes for both companies and the better off, and a deeply socialist agenda. Others will feel bitterly disappointed that the seemingly last chance to avoid leaving the EU has probably gone. Whatever your political hue, we are […]