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Share Options – take care!

Synopsis: Care must be taken when exercising share options that are considered “readily convertible assets”. Recent case law highlights the need for employers and employees to take great care when an employer is required to pay tax on behalf of an employee and the employee is required to reimburse the employer. This situation may appear […]

Loans to Offspring?

Question: I want to provide a loan to my daughter, what are the pitfalls? Answer: The Law Society is warning parents to be careful when making loans to their children. The warning comes in the light of restrictive lending conditions in the mortgage market which have required young people to stump up large deposits when […]

It’s official – Private Banks no longer fashionable

According to a new report commissioned by JP Morgan, wealthly individuals no longer wish to deal with private banks, now there’s a surprise. The report, titled The Wealth Management Report: Meeting the Expectations of UK High Net Worth Individuals, analysed the challenges facing the wealth industry, particularly the changing demands of the new young high […]

Coming into Sudden Wealth?

Question: Duncan, what practical steps should I take now that I’m a ‘sudden wealthflow’ recipient? Answer: Generally speaking, people who come into money quickly, such as lottery winners and people who receive large inheritances, usually make decisions too soon. They put their house on the market and buy a new, bigger one right away. They […]

Q&A: Foretelling The Future?

Question: Why can’t advisers tell the future? Answer: No one can systematically predict the future. Market prices are forward-looking and are set based on expectations. As new information emerges, it is quickly reflected in prices, but future news is by definition unknowable. The sensible approach is to control what you can (e.g., diversification, taxes, costs, […]