Wealthflow Second-Opinion Service

Our new second-opinion service, exclusively for friends, family and associates of our existing clients, allows us to take a new and unhindered view of the investments, pensions and finances of those you care about, providing them with a completely independent and unbiased opinion on how their assets are performing and whether they are making the right decisions.

Our analysis will assess if their existing portfolio aligns with their personal risk tolerance and consider whether assets are globally-diversified, competitively priced and transparent of management fees.

We have seen first-hand what a second-opinion can uncover, so let us help you help those you care about.

Please feel free to pass on our contact details.

Contact Duncan R Glassey:

Tel.   0131 247 6745

Email  duncan.glassey@wealthflow.com   

If one of your personal connections would like a copy of our award-winning book, ‘Making Plans for a Successful investment Journey’, we can make that available to them.

Duncan R Glassey
Senior Partner – Wealthflow LLP


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