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Following our earlier Blog Post from Dr Peter Copp, please find attached further links to his recent You Tube videos explaining the key points in relation to CoVid-19.

Please remember everyone who has ongoing medical issues must not simply ignore them because of a perception that all GP’s (NHS or otherwise) are flat out. In fact, many NHS GP’s are expressing considerable concern that their surgeries are eerily quiet and that they could become overwhelmed by demand which is simply kicking the can down the road.

We should all be addressing our health matters in as normal a way as possible and remember that going to see a doctor is another of the approved and necessary activities/journeys we can all do on a day to day basis as needed.

Telephone and video consultations can also accommodate much of the necessary work when individuals have been encouraged to adopt more stringent and prolonged self-isolation.

This type of consultation is also of great utility for those suffering from symptoms consistent with CoVid 19 and to ensure that they are taking the best possible measures for themselves and for those they live with.  It is extremely important that these individuals always contact the appropriate health service (e.g. NHS 111) if they are not spontaneously improving by the end of the first week of illness.

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First Video already shared March 27 CoVid 19 self-care and perspective

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