Understanding ESG ?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is now a major disruptive force. Businesses are increasingly incorporating ESG considerations into everyday practice, savers are increasingly expecting people and the planet to be considered as part of investing, and financial regulators are on the prowl to make sure that environmental and social factors are scrutinised and disclosed. So […]

Stock Market – Reality or Dream?

I’ve just returned from a few relaxing days in Elie – surrounded by wonderful sea views and sandy beaches. On reflection, it’s easy to see how our habits have changed in just 6 short months, fewer restaurant visits, higher grocery bills and almost daily online shopping. Judging by the traffic to and from Elie, I’m not the only one […]

Wealthflow Second-Opinion Service

Our new second-opinion service, exclusively for friends, family and associates of our existing clients, allows us to take a new and unhindered view of the investments, pensions and finances of those you care about, providing them with a completely independent and unbiased opinion on how their assets are performing and whether they are making the […]

Personal Care, Household Care, Personal Well-Being

This is a less formal Blog post than usual. I simply want to raise awareness of a new Scottish-based care and support service, ‘Take Care At Home’ – https://www.takecareathome.co.uk/ Established by a Glasgow family with many years experience of caring for a disabled son.  Their personal experiences have resulted in the creation of a new professional service […]