A hand-picked crop!

Skilled and dedicated professionals, the Wealthflow team are all highly-qualified, hard-working individuals. They are by far the firm’s most valuable asset.

Team Wealthflow -Duncan R Glassey - Financial Planner

Duncan R Glassey
Financial Planner

Team Wealthflow - Moa Diseborn - Life Transitions Coach

Moa Diseborn
Life Transitions Coach

Team Wealthflow - Dave Robinson - Expert Witness

Dave Robinson
Expert Witness

Team Wealthflow - Roisin Connell - Client Administration

Roisin Connell
Client Administration

Team Wealthflow - Margaret Scott - Communications

Margaret Scott

Team Wealthflow - Tim Hale - Investment Committee

Tim Hale
Investment Committee

Team Wealthflow - Fraser Grant - Pensions

Fraser Grant

Team Wealthflow - Evie Milo - Web Development

Evie Milo
Web Development

Team Wealthflow - Debbie Evans-Dudley - Finance

Debbie Evans-Dudley

Team Wealthflow - Michelle Botia - HR Support

Michelle Botia
HR Support

Team Wealthflow - Tom Murray - Philanthropy

Tom Murray