We focus our time and attention on supporting you through major life transitions and advising on your most important financial decisions.

We are specialists

Our extensive experience in the field of medical negligence and personal injury claims ensures that we are uniquely positioned to provide structured wealth management support to individuals and families that have experienced “sudden money” by way of a high value settlement.

We are independent

We are efficient and experienced and our allegiance is solely to you. We are not owned by or affiliated with any financial entity such as an investment bank, insurance company or money manager. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from having your investments handled prudently, and your financial life organised and simplified.

Team Wealthflow - Duncan Glassey

Duncan Glassey
Financial Planning

Team Wealthflow - Tim Hale

Tim Hale
Investment Committee

Team Wealthflow - Fraser Grant

Fraser Grant

Team Wealthflow - Roisin Connell

Roisin Connell
Client Administration

Team Wealthflow - Margaret Scott

Margaret Scott

Team Wealthflow - Moa Diseborn

Moa Diseborn
Life Transitions Coach

Team Wealthflow - Tom Murray

Tom Murray

Team Wealthflow - Evie Milo

Evie Milo
Social Media

Team Wealthflow - Anne Robertson

Anne Robertson
Business Administration

Team Wealthflow - Alan Dick

Alan Dick
Investment Committee

Team Wealthflow - Colette Glassey

Colette Glassey

Team Wealthflow - Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson
Expert Witness